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"What do you think other women say about you behind your back?"


I asked this question to twenty anonymous women in the Georgetown community.

The answers they trusted me with were then brought to life on one another's  physical backs - each woman

bearing the confession of another - in order to bring the notion of "talking behind someone's back" to life.


Behind My Back explores the emotions of insecurity, jealousy, and paranoia that are all too often felt by the women

of Generation Y, who interact with highly competitive peers on a daily basis- especially on a college campus like Georgetown. This piece aims to bring awareness to the power of our words, and the insecurities they often promote in others.


Members of the whiteTseries were all given the same white tee shirt and no directions on how to pose.

The following are a collection of portraits, each of which is unique to the subject's personal identity.


I am constantly shooting outfit photographs and styling products for my blog posts, as well as providing images to accompany my articles written elsewhere. I shoot with a DSLR, but will use my iPhone when appropriate. Here just are a few examples of photos I enjoyed taking and making.